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The Great Debate – Top 5 Exotic Alternative Energy Concepts

Posted on May 15th, by SmartScarecrow in Show Notes. 5 comments

Segment #1: This week in free energy

Presenter: Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time: 20 minutes


Segment #2: Scarecrow’s News Rant – How far might they go?

Presenter: SmartScarecrow
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

Unmanned drone aircraft were originally deployed on the battlefield as “eyes in the sky”.  They were used only for reconisance purposes. First generation drones proved their value quickly and the orders for more sophisticated models followed.

The United States has been using remote controlled drone aircraft as weapons of war for some years now.  A remote controlled drone represents a low cost solution to the challenge of blowing your enemy to bloody bits from the comfort of an air conditioned facility secure from retaliation.

Sounds like a great idea, right?  You got this bearded guy half way around the world that has said some really nasty things about your momma.  You identify him, his wife, his children and anyone near him as suspected terrorists.  You give your order to a pimple faced kid who works out of a Conex box in the desert of Nevada somewhere.  BOOOM!  Another terrorist and his entourage are can no longer write unflattering articles and publish them on the Internet.

But there is no way your benevelant government might use such a thing here?  On us?  No way!  Right ???

Well, maybe not in your neighborhood, but how about Elgin Illinois, very near Chicago where the NATO summit meeting is scheduled to be held?



Rusia Today reported on May 17th, 2012 than an airline pilot came close to crashing his plane near Denver, Colorado this week after encountering a mysterious object in the sky thought to be an unmanned drone aircraft.

A tape recording made available this week confirms that the pilot of a Cessna Citation 525 CJ1 radioed air traffic controllers outside of Denver on Monday after nearly colliding with an unidentified flying object. Several factors have suggested that the aircraft was most likely a robotic drone aircraft.


A leaked US Air Force document stipulates a drone that happens to capture surveillance images of Americans may store them for a period of 90 days. The paper appears to justify spying on citizens, as long as it is “incidental.”


Judge Napolitano suggests that “The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.”


How long before tickets for jay walking are issued based on evidence from drones?  How long before “Robocop” becomes a reality?  Or maybe “Terminator”?

Do you really think that once the technology proves to be “cost effective” or “beneficial to homeland security” those drones flying over head will not be armed to the teeth ready to blow any suspect villain to kingdom come?

Are you about pissed off yet?

Articles to consider.

Austin Texas May Be Test Site For Drone Training! First It’s Crime Scenes, Then…

FAA To Ease Rules For Police Agencies To Fly Unmanned Drones

Police assessing the potential of drone aircraft for surveillance

Consider the arguments and make up your own damn mind!

Segment #3: Feature Presentation – The Great Debate

Presenter: SmartScarecrow & Sterling Allan & Mark Dansie
Estimated time: 30 minutes

Tonight Sterling Allan and Mark Dansie will argue the veracity of the top 5 exotic alternative energy projects as reported at http://peswiki.com/index.php/Top_5_Exotic_Free_Energy_Technologies

I will be acting as “debate moderator”.  It is expected that the presenters will disagree on the validity of the technologies discussed and/or their qualification for placement in a “Top 5” list.  It is hoped that we can refrain from personal attacks or blatant argumentum ad hominem.  But these opposing points of view need to be considered by any investigating exotic technologies.

Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

Hope from Athens found in Cold Fusion – On the heels of the riots and building burning, I landed in Athens to visit Defkalion and was able to see a demonstration of their test set-up for the upcoming seven testing groups. I was also impressed by the team working with the technology that could help bring remedy to Greece, Europe, and the world. http://pesn.com/2012/02/13/9602039_Hope_from_Athens_found_in_Cold_Fusion/

Brillouin: “Understanding How LENR Works Will Enable Us to Be First” – Robert Godes, inventor of the controlled electron capture reaction (CECR) being commercialized by Brillion Energy Corporation of Berkeley, CA, says that understanding how “cold fusion” works gives them a strong advantage to move ahead of the other players to make it first to market with affordable, clean, distributed nuclear power.  http://pesn.com/2012/04/19/9602078_Brillouin–Understanding_How_LENR_Works_Will_Enable_Us_to_Be_First/

Inteligentry and Manufacturers Gearing Up for Noble Gas Engine Roll-out – In a 1.5-hour interview, John Rohner describes the latest progress in their technology and in their business plans to bring the technology to market, perhaps by September. Within three years, the 2 cylinder engine that produces 400 HP (300 kW) could cost as little as $275.  http://pesn.com/2012/04/15/9602075_Inteligentry_Manufacturers_Gearing_Up_for_Noble_Gas_Engine_Roll-out/

Breakthrough Solid State Generator – We have finally been given permission to discuss this technology that we consider to be at the very top of our list of emerging clean energy technologies. Solid state, low (for now), continuous power, commercial in maybe 24 months, cheap, high power density, no radioactivity, no existing physics laws broken.  http://pesn.com/2011/07/23/9501875_Number-1_Breakthrough_Solid_State_Generator/

NanoSpire, Inc. on Harnessing Cavitation Zero Point Energy to Produce Fusion and Transmutation in Water – The folks at NanoSpire seem to be on the cusp of something huge in knowing how to accurately tame cavitation forces. Energy is just one of the zillions of applications that range from microsurgery to element production.  http://pesn.com/2012/04/28/9602083_NanoSpire_Inc_on_Harnessing_Cavitation_Zero_Point_Energy_to_Produce_Fusion_and_Transmutation_in_Water/

Segment #4: Audience Participation Session

Moderator: SmartScarecrow
Estimated time: 10 minute

5 thoughts on “The Great Debate – Top 5 Exotic Alternative Energy Concepts

  1. Only 30 Minutes allocated for the great debate?

    Sounds like only enough time for a friendly chat!

    Can’t wait.

  2. Timing on my shows is always flexible … we plan for a one hour show and it often runs into two hours … make sure you have plenty of snacks and adult beverages … once we get started we don;t quit till its done …

  3. I’ve recently started a blog, the info you offer on this web site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work. “Yield not to evils, but attack all the more boldly.” by Virgil.

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