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Live from the Tesla Tech Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Posted on July 27th, by SmartScarecrow in Show Notes. 8 comments


Compilation of videos provided by Sterling Allan !!!

As ZeroFossilFuel has noted, this seems to have turned into the Inteligentry Show … we may yet get a little video of some of the other exhibits before its all over, but for now, this is what we have to offer …

Sterling Allan of http://pesn.com has published some very good articles on the Conference – http://pesn.com/2012/07/26/9602145_Inteligentry_Surprise_in_store_at_TeslaTech_conference/

No, the noble gas engine was not demonstrated running at any time during the conference.

The “Major Announcement” made by Inteligentry has to do with them offering the related core technology to the public domain.  Most of the original Papp patents have long since expired anyway but they have compiled all public domain material and made it available in a more concise package.  They also announce that they will offer an interesting “do it yourself kit” demonstrator for $350 for those who might like to build one.




ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured…
Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy
Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown’s Gas
Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation
ElectroMedicine • Magnetic Healing


On July 27th 2012, Sterling Allan and I attempted something new that we understood had certain risks associated.  We decided to attempt a “LIVE” broadcast from the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico • Jul 26-Jul 29, 2012


We did indeed run into some serious technical problems and I was not able to record as much material as hoped.  We will have to count on Sterling to post some of his video recordings to see the rest.  But I was able to capture a very nice presentation with Tana Kane of http://inteligentry.com/ about their business plan.  So I am posting what I got.  Hope some find it of interest.


One very interesting part of Inteligentry’s presentation at the Conference is that they have decided to release to the public domain a lot of their technology.  They have also decided to offer a “do it yourself kit” for about $350 that provides instructions and the unique hardware components required to build what they call a “PlasMerg POPPER” demonstration piece.  Link to the order form for this kit is https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8321747/WebSite/TradeShowOffer.pdf


Parties who are interested in licensing this technology should contact Tana Kane at intelitk@gmail.com or 702-988-1293

The primary web site is http://inteligentry.com/index.html
The licensing web site is http://ptplicensing.com/


Sterling Allan of http://freeenergynews.com is attempting to arrange a LIVE BROADCAST of some interesting events taking place at the 2012 Extraordinary Technology Conference taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico July 26th through July 29th. For additional information about the conference see http://teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm

If we are able to perform the live broadcast it start at about 4:30pm Eastern US time (GMT-5) … those who follow “SmartScarecrow” on Twitter will get a notice 30 minutes before we go live.

The live broadcast can be viewed from http://justin.tv/smartscarecrow



Bob Rohner gave a great presentation where he actually demonstrated a single cylinder noble gas unit firing.  The video provided is about an hour long, so get some pop corn, kick back and enjoy.  Its a pretty darn good presentation!



And I just noted that Sterling has published a video interview with Dan Glover that gets into the “nuts and bolts” as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4e-8OE_vMo

8 thoughts on “Live from the Tesla Tech Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    • I am not sure about lubrication on a noble gas engine – I would assume the crank and gear train have to be lubricated in a manner similar to any other engine – but with no valves or other components to worry about, with temperatures so low that teflon bushings can be used, there may be no need for anything else – would have been a really good question for Sterling to have put to the nuts and bolts guy but dont think he thought of it …

  1. Why would anyone give Inteligentry a single dime without seeing a working engine. This really smells fishy that they are taking money for a product that does not even work as far as we know.

    • the skeptic in me agrees with you … it should be running nonstop under load with a web cam trained on it available for anyone interested to watch 7×24 …

      the business man in me understands with their position on it … they are managing to stay just under the radar which is where they are comfortable … they are not the least bit interested in YOUR money … they are interested in licensing the engine to major players … so keep your wallet in your pocket until you see a genset powered by one for sale at Home Depot …

      I have to assume that the guy writing the check for $50k to license the thing will get a personal demonstration of the engine running … I know for a fact I would not write that check without such a demonstration …

  2. The Connecting Rod Bearings, Rollers, are packed with Synthetic Silicon Grease. They run in a No moisture, oxegen,dust environment, as they run in the fuel mix gases in the Block so because the pressure at TDC and at BDC are identical and vacuum back the bearing sees a :constant” load. Thus the grease lasts forever. The “main” bearings, ball, are also pre greased. the Teflon Ring and Nylon Skirt, in the cylinder does not need oil, so the engine lub is complete. Yes low temps make this all [possible.

    NO Oil based lubrication, needed..!

    • The 2-stroke engine produces power when the piston goes from TDC to BDC, while on the way back, from BDC to TDC, there is no power produced.

      For the Papp engine, from BDC to TDC there is a vacuum power. The torque is much higher than common gas ,or diesel engines. It’s more like a 1-stroke or, 1.5-stroke engine.

      Modern straight 4 engines rely on balance shafts to achieve the smoothness of staight 6 or v-8 engines, because, by nature, they are unbalanced.

      Flat-twin engine with both pistons moving in the same direction will retain the same pressure in crankcase, but won’t be as balanced as the pistons moving in the oposite directions.

      Flat-four should be quite smooth and maintain the pressure in the crankcase, although the cost is higher.

      Parallel-twin will maintain the pressure in the crankcase, and might be smooth too, as the Papp engine showed.

      I just wonder why Plasmerg switched from their Parallel-twin design to flat-twin ?

    • Dr. Dr. John, you are saying that the pressure at TDC and BDC are identical – correct. This is of course absolutely impossible but we will blame it on your MIT training for now and let it go. Let’s see, to throw out some numbers – say you start at 50psi at TDC – your plasmic process takes you to 250psi for 180 degrees of rotation until you get to BDC where you state the gasses magically return to 50 psi. Then the piston returns to TDC staying at 50psi for 180 degrees. The cycle spend half of its time at 250psi and the other half at 50psi (I know this is silly but I’m trying to make a point). So Dr. Dr. John, the gas is leaking out 5 times faster than it can leak in. Of course this condition cannot exist for long. It should be intuitively obvious to all that depending on the sump volume and initial pressure, your driving pressure will go down and your recovery pressure will rise to some median equilibrium state. I know I’m missing something but how does any of this cycling of gasses create a “constant” load on the bearing. If it really does, why would this constant loading lead to the grease lasting forever. This is really good stuff. By the way Teflon has only a reasonable PV and Nylon is lower. If you try to exceed these PV limits due to the side loading on your piston, you will of course score your cylinder walls. Finally, Dr. Dr. John, you realize don’t you that there is no reason to expect the temperature in your sump to be any lower than any other crankshaft engine. It will in fact be higher as a normal engine has some aspiration where your does not. Three hundred horsepower is not meant for model airplanes.

  3. I sent these bullet items to Dr. John:

    Now for the bullet items:
    1. Endurance tests needed to evaluate lubrication.
    2. Electronics need harsh environment enclosures.
    3. Redundant electronics needed for aircraft applications.
    4. Electronics EMP shielding needed for some models.
    5. SATA type cabling should replace ribbon cables.
    Wish you the best of everything as you strive to save the world.

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