The SmartScarecrow Show features alternative energy related discussions, projects, people and products. It is a live one-hour broadcast performed every Thursday at 2100 hours eastern US time.

The show provides a live visual element along with the ability to interact in real time via a chat interface. So inventors can train their webcams on their devices and explain what they’re doing; with live audience interaction.

We put a lot work into preparing each show, usually spending as much as 20 hours for each one-hour program. We hope you find the material presented to be both entertaining and educational.

Do you have a product, project or issue you would like to discuss?

If you would like to be a guest on the SmartScarecrow show, please send an email SmartScarecrow@gmail.com and describe what you would like to discuss.

Topics related to alternative energy projects and products are our favourites, but if you want to discuss pretty much any topic of interest to our audience, The SmartScarecrow Show just might be your forum.

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